The newly formed Trusted Partner Marketing needed a brand. It needed a logo and materials that communicated what it's business - digital marketing was all about and why they could be trusted as a partner in this business which was a fairly new concept at that time.
First, a corporate logo was created, followed by a brochure, PowerPoint presentation, a branded promo video, social media banners, and website design.

First up was a logo - a corporate mark.
This logo, shown in corporate colors and in reverse, represents several things. The font was chosen for its modern look. The 3 colored bars emulate a familiar shape for results - a bar chart. Then, the shadows from the bars form an "M" for marketing - or could it be "marketing Masters"? ;-) 
After creating a logo (see under Logos - Mostly Text)
A corporate brochure was the next project. These days, marketers have about 3 seconds to get someone's attention. We used humor and poignance to get attention, which was very effective in getting people to open the brochure to read more. The copy and headlines were written and/or edited by KMMGD.
This brochure format is called a double-gate. This allows for two opportunities to relay a message(s) and create interest or intrigue to a potential client. Hopefully, by this point, they really want to read the main contents on the inside.
Now, the main message of being known, liked and trusted as the three pillars of online marketing success are spelled out in a colorful, quick read.
The completed brochure - trimmed at 4x4 - easily read and absorbed. It has been a very effective marketing piece.
One of the next major tasks was to put together a branded promo video. KMMGD created the slides, while fellow freelancer Peter Aponte made this wonderful video.
To accompany the promo video, we also created simple social media marketing banners. 
An illustrated style website was next - to go along with the other branded materials. The actual site is slightly different at this point, as different modifications were made.
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