Hooters Restaurant Murals: UT man mural. The UT man mural is the first thing patrons see when entering the seating area of the restaurant.
Hooters Restaurant Murals: UT man mural, Good Ole Rocky Top mural
Hooters Restaurant Murals: Good Ole Rocky Top mural. This mural was purposely toned back and weathered, since the TV sits on top of it. I designed it to complement the area and not to compete with it.
Hooters Restaurant Murals: UT hounddog mural, UT slogan mural. The UT hound dog is so cool, I had to use it as one of the Hooters mural elements. Another TV sits above the UT slogan.
Hooters Restaurant Murals: UT "T" mural. This mural is in the center of the back of the restaurant and nicely complements the other corner murals. Humorous note: As hubby and I were priming the bricks walls on the evening before we were to paint the next day, one of the patrons asked hubs if we were going to paint his naked image on the wall. Without hesitating, my husband responded, "Oh, I'm sorry - we didn't bring our small paintbrushes". 
Jack Daniels standees painted as UT fans: Hooters girls posing with the recently delivered standees. I was asked to paint the three Jack Daniels standees all differently, so that they could stand together or alone. The only request was to include the UT checks somewhere on at least one of the "fans".
Jack Daniels standees painted as UT fans: I decided to make two of the standees look like father and son, with the third one looking more like a Latino. The Latino manager of the Kingston Pike Hooters location quickly chose this one as the mascot to stay at his location! The brown on his hands are to look like leather gloves. The darker base on this one complements the darker features in the standee's color scheme.
Jack Daniels standees painted as UT fans: Closeup of the standee details. Careful attention was given to eye color, eyebrow style and color, aging, hair color, and fan clothing choices.
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