Anatevka Rooftops: Taken during dress rehearsal before the portal was completely trimmed and finished, the Fiddler on the Roof portal was visible during the entire show. The portal was designed after the original show portal, with upside down houses, fences, and recognizable Jewish symbols. The Anatevka rooftops, also shown here, constructed in a minimalist fashion, and painted in the Chagall style, created a wonderful village look, just from the shadows.
Anatevka Rooftops: Another view of the Fiddler rooftops hanging over the tailor's shop. The mostly white surface of the rooftops (color in the corners) created many options for the lighting crew.
Fiddler Portal: View of the Fiddler portal visible to the audience during the entire performance, but particularly colorful before the play and during intermission when the stage lighting was not visible. It was painted in the Chagall style, and after the original Fiddler portal design, with fences, recognizable Jewish symbols and upside down houses. The same blue and purple, and warm hues could be found throughout all the Fiddler set pieces.
Anatevka tavern: this 8' x 12' mobile set piece is the other side of the tailor's shop (shown previously) with 4' x 8' expandable sides that created a 20' x 8' wall when rolled onstage. This side of the rolling platform was fixed with faux brick and palette boards, and then painted with accents in the same blues and oranges as the rest of the Fiddler set pieces.
Front of Tevye's house: The same Chagall painting style and palette were applied to the front of Tevye's house. The other side is the inside of the same house, pictured next. The expandable 4' x 8' sides were never used on the exterior house scenes. 
The inside of Tevye's house: the inside scene was given the same treatment and colors as the other Fiddler set pieces, in order to make the look of it emulate a Chagall painting.
The Fiddler on the Roof sets for Storyteller Productions in Chattanooga TN won a Best Set Star Award in Jan 2016. Roy Denton had the concepts, Kat made them happen on stage.
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