Before this big and bold graphic was painted here, the walls were absolutely blank - no signage at all to greet parents and new students. I used a big and bold font for the main words "Battlefield Primary". The blue is a metallic blue left over from the Ringgold Middle School 8th grade wing. Really gives those areas some extra pizazz!
I was approached about designing something for this 52' w x 3.5' h primary school mural that covers the long outside wall of the media center I proposed this design which incorporates EVERY letter of the alphabet at least once, and some many times. I also used a recognizable silhouette (Lookout Mountain) in the background, and used plants, trees, animals, and birds that are native to this area - all for teaching moments. There are groups of flowers, birds, bird eggs, bumblebees, fish, ladybugs and flies, all ready for counting. And... a hidden monkey, of course!
More of the super cute primary school mural that uses every letter of the alphabet. The letters X, Q, and Z were the challenges. In fact, the first day the new kids mural was revealed, the principal held a contest to see who could find the Z the quickest. (in the lightning bolt on the left half (see previous image for closer view). Two Xs were used on the pockets of the boy doing a handstand (also on the left side). The Q was hidden in the belt buckle of the boy dressed up as a pirate!
The year after the successful kids mural on the long media center wall at Battlefield Primary School, the principal wanted more! Using the palette and design elements from the map in the center below it, as well as the stripes that were already on the wall, I designed this Dr Seuss quote mural to complement both.  
The assistant principal from West Side Elementary in Ringgold, GA, approached me about putting something colorful in the elementary school entrance mural. He had no idea what he wanted other than he wanted it to somehow echo their leadership program. I designed this entrance mural with the concept of "the sky's the limit", with each color sort of representing a different path that each child could take. We also painted the adjacent wall in the same sky blue color to bring the whole space together. 
This space on the left side of the wall, right as you enter Ringgold Primary School had a mural there since the mid-1980s. The principal had some new ideas and when she had some funds in 2015, she hired me to create a mural that combined some ideas she saw online to promote the 7 Habits of Happy Kids, a program they are using throughout the county. This simple entrance mural completely changed and freshened up the space with new colors and ideas.
Over the summer of 2016, the entire Ringgold Primary and Elementary School complex got a facelift with new paint! Having a clean slate to start with, the principal called me again to put some quotes and their motto in these space to create another welcome of color and inspiration for teachers, parents and students. I created the ring of children, and primary school elements to frame the school motto, and echoed the same style of children underneath the other side for some colorful, new entrance murals.
After the tornadoes of 2011, the Ringgold Middle School 8th grade wing had to be completely rebuilt. The architects spec'd out this big and bold tiger graphic which is used all over the school, as well as 18' tall letters "RMS" to welcome the students with these new entrance murals. All of the paints are metallic paint, using 2 colors of platinum for the giant letters. Even the white is a pearlescent paint.
In 2001, I got to be one of the people painting the front doors at Ringgold Elementary School. This led to painting 10 more murals in the school that year. All but the three bathroom murals have been painted over now. 
This simple entrance mural, painted for Cloud Springs Elementary School in Ft Oglethorpe, GA in 2002, was very basic and inexpensive. I can almost always work within a certain, and even limited budget to get my customers the mural they are hoping for.
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