Teenage Boy's Mural - iPod® Room: Pictured here is only one of the four walls that were painted in this theme, each character representing someone in the young man's band. There was a one foot area at the bottom of the walls painted black, like a stage. This allowed me to create an entire environment by making drapes with the same tones of green and black; get a black dust ruffle for the bed, and a green comforter to complete the look.
Teenage Boy's Mural - Calvin and Hobbs: This is one of two murals painted on opposite walls for a teenage boy. The adjoining wall was painted black on one side, and white on the other (which was also the window wall). When the friends came in to see these new bedroom murals, their immediate response was "Awesome!"
This hallway mural is made up of simple caricatures of each of 8 family members. The girl in the foreground on the left wanted to be a fashion designer. The boy you can see on the right was a brainiac (ended up valedictorian of his class), and the little girl in the foreground was nicknamed "Punkin". The artist next to her is me, of course.
Angel Mural: This beautiful angel mural was a gift from a son to his mother, living in the lower level apartment in his home. The Japanese mother loved angels and butterflies. The face is somewhat Asian, and I added the Japanese butterflies - 4 in front of her face, and one in her hair. 
We mixed a blue paint to frame in and set off the living room mural, and even matched a taupe color on an adjacent wall to make the whole area looked joined and purposeful. 
Living Room Mural - Painted boards: Painted in 2012, before the craze of using boards of different tones to make up the surface of the wall, we painted these directly onto the wall. We also painted the concrete tiles in the corner, and the blue wall to the left, to complete the look for this recently graduated college student.
Man Cave Mural: It is really the only way to describe this master bedroom mural or paint treatment. We painted the short adjacent wall to the left in a solid black to make the stone texture really pop. The rest of the room was painted a light gray. 
Nursery Mural - 3 walls. Visible in this picture is the door wall. Painted in the mid-90s before I was good about taking pictures of my work. This cute nursery mural has squirrels, birds, a rabbit, happy sunflowers, a white picket fence, and lots of flowers.
Peter Max Mural - Teen Girl's Bedroom Mural: This is Kat Morris' first mural. Although this picture is taken of me playing my guitar on the bed in 1974, the mural was painted shortly after we moved into the home in fall of 1973. Peter Max art was all the rage in the early 70s and it provided the lively color I wanted and the simple graphics I've always liked. Not visible is the 5' x 3' window shade (you can see the balance and window trim on the right of the pic) that was painted to match the mural when pulled down.
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