A new principal brought some new life into this older school in a very small community. Wanting some murals to spruce up the place was a great idea. I designed both murals for him to suit the available wall spaces, using the school colors.
The murals were painted during the Spring Break of 2022, so when the kids came back, they saw this....
The tiger mural on the brick wall below was our first project, with rain forecast for three days out. We completed it in two days. 12.75' x 8.75'.
By the end of the first day, we had transferred the design to the wall, painted in the yellow and most of the blue.
Putting in the final touchups that tighten up all the lines, clean up all the spaces, and make everything look super sharp!
Day 3 we moved inside to paint the main hallway - the one the students walk down when they first get to school!.  This tiger mural  included not just a painted tiger, but also the school and mascot names.
The principal had the old walls painted a fresh white before we arrived, so were able to start getting the design up right away. First day showed a lot of progress.
By the midday on the second day, the blue was nearly in on the tiger.  
The rest of day 2 and half of a third day were required to complete the hallway tiger mural graphics. Also seen in the video above.
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