Opening up a new store in the very popular Frazier Avenue area of North Chattanooga, NoBaked Chattanooga approached me a few months ago about doing murals to brighten up the place. KMMGD designed two of the murals: a Chattanooga skyline mural and a "sprinkle mural" made for photo ops. The logo mural completes the look in the now open facility.
The sprinkle mural shown here with one of the owners, while the paint is still wet! Using the corporate pink color and sprinkles seen on their website home page, we designed a mural to allow for both adults and children to make a cute pic, aimed at social media posts.
This main wall in the new NoBaked Chattanooga location is 31.5' wide. I designed a Chattanooga skyline mural, complete with the now familiar 'nooga identifier on it. The 'nooga' end of the skyline mural is at the entrance.
(looking left you'll see the sprinkle mural)
Centered along the back "alley" of the facility is a logo mural, brightening up an otherwise long and plain hall. 
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