College Group Identity Logo
Pet Sitting Service Logo
Landscaping Company Logo
Artist Logo
Ministry Logo - Forgiven Much Ministries button. This logo is part of a complete rebranding. The heart in the middle of two lower case "m"s was to symbolize that the emphasis of this ministry is dealing with core issues - getting down to the matters of the heart. See more in Branding and Campaigns.
Lineman Logo - Pole Circle Logo: Part of the complete rebranding of Southeast Lineman Training Center. Training. The field training at SLTC takes place in pole circles, each of which has its own identity - much like a fraternity. KDA stands for the schools tenets of Knowledge, Discipline and Ability. This became the first pole circle logo, used on flags, hard hat decals, hoodies, and tee shirts. See more in Branding and Campaigns.
Coat Drive Logo
Event Logo: Chattanooga Artists Unite Event Logo
Organic Farming logo and Slogan: Devil Dawg is a nickname for Marines, so it seemed a suitable name for the company offering organic meats of all kinds. With the business being in Georgia, using an image of a Georgia bulldog was also appropriate.
Non-profit Organization Logo: The silly illustrations were inspired by an actual child's drawing. The 501(c)3 wrote grants for public education and other groups where the emphasis was on children.
Personal Logo: just for fun, for an avid golfer with a moniker that "fit" him well.
Healthcare Logo
Videographer Logo: The Emmy-award winning owner of of Italian descent wanted to use d'Arte as his company name because it is part of the word "Masterpiece" in Italian. The lettering was actually painted backwards, in the style of Leonardo D'Vinci, and then applied to a hand-painted watercolor background. See more under Branding and Campaigns.
Music Festival logo: The logo was part of a campaign brainstormed by a high school senior for her final project. It involved bringing in well-known bands to introduce people to Compassion International, a well-respected ministry to orphan children in third world countries. The result of the event were at least 4 new adoptions, and a fabulous letter grade! See more in Branding and Campaigns.
Massage Therapist Logo
Mortgage Company Logo
Theater Playbill Logo
Hair Salon Logo
Orchestra Logo
Music Festival Logo and background
Personal Brand: for a high-energy teen named Seth
Gun Industry Logo: For a Georgia Tech springboard project 
Trucking Industry Logo
Decal Logo: Part of an entire rebranding for Southeast Lineman Training Center. See more in Branding and Campaigns.
Farrier Logo
Graphic Designer Logo: one of my earlier logos, using a Krazy Kat (also featured on the bottom of a letterhead, doing a somersault). The initials WFO stood for Wide Frickin Open.
Swim Team logo
Girls Club logo
Commercial Logo - Retail and Office Building Logo: alternate version for building signage and social media use. The text only version is in Logos - Mostly Text section.
Hearing Ministry Logo - for the Hard of Hearing community
Automotive Detail Logo
Trucker Logo
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