The first of 4 initial murals were painted in the high school gyms, along with cafeteria mural, and front hallway mural. The tiger face is a recognizable mascot symbol to the Ringgold Tigers and was painted big and bold in the  new gym. 75'w across the top and almost 40'h. This mural was spec'd out by the architects on the project.
The second of two gym murals to be painted.... the original sketch from the architects did not seem right, so I suggested to the school board that we simply reverse the color palette from the main gym and put the same graphic in the secondary gym. It was a winner!
Ringgold Middle School also got a facelift after damage it received from the 2011 tornado. This gym mural, painted in August 2011, uses a new palette using the traditional Ringgold Blue, but dropped the gold in favor of a new, clean looking gray. It was quite a feat getting OSHA approved scaffolding over the concrete bleachers in order to reach the space.
LFO High School was in for a new gym and wrestling-cheerleading complex in the summer of 2013 and wanted a gym mural to be part of the new space. They decided to use the same Indian clip art on the wall, since they embedded that image into the new gym floor and its used on the school signage and throughout. The indian mural circle is 18' in diameter.
Lakeview Middle School also got some renovation money to get a new gym mural in December of 2013. Not only did they hire me to do this huge indian mural, but they refinished the floors and repainted all the other surfaces as well - over the Christmas break of 2013. A few people were upset when the 1980s mural of an Indian girl was painted over, but most people love the new big and bold mural and look in the space.
West Side Elementary also had an old mural from the 1980s they wanted refreshed. With some PTO money, they settled on this simple Indian Mascot mural for their elementary school gym mural, which really updated and brightened up their gym for the new school year in 2016.
Boynton Elementary had some graphics leftover from the 90s in their gym, along with outdated antique white and rainbow stripes. This freshly painted gym and new gym mural really liven up the place for the new school year!! Aug, 2017.
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