Ringgold Elementary School Entrance Murals. A color-by-number type of mural, this one could be seen from the road and greeted parents and students with the school mascot each day.
Located in the 4th grade hall, this jungle mural has several hidden objects in it. You can probably spot the monkey, but can you see the two flies? I allowed top 5th graders to assist in the murals, to give them an experience they'll probably always remember. As they were helping me, their friends would go by and ask them, "Are you an artist?" 
Located in the 5th grade hall, this was the first environment of the 3 painted. Lobsters and other fish were painted over the urinals for fun. Other small fish were painted into the girls' bathroom area. I also painted directionals for each environment.
Located in the 3rd grade hall, the space mural, inspired by a children's book cover, contains a monkey hidden inside the rocket, since it was the first living thing sent up into space. The two spacemen are my son, and his best friend at the time, memorialized in this mural as long as it's there!
Environment Murals for Restroom Dividing Walls
The front door tiger was the first project I did for Ringgold Elementary School, starting in 2001. In working with the principal on that one, I suggested doing 3 environments for the restroom areas. She loved it! Each one contains a characature of my youngest son, then 11. He and the other top 5th graders got to participate in the painting. Their names are listed on the bottom of the mural. In all, there were 11 murals done for that principal. All but the 3 enviroment murals have been painted over for new ideas (and for a new principal). 
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