For over 18 years, CSLA - a magnet STEM school in Chattanooga TN was in an older facility without a lot of the modern technologies etc of some of the newer schools. As of Jan 2023, they have entered a new facility only a few miles away, but with a full gym, complete with artwork from us! Although we didn't design any of the murals, it is our pleasure to add this kind of identification and color to a space as part of the finishing touches.
With a new facility came a new logo. If you could count the blocks you would calculate that this logo is 20 feet in diameter - it's a whopper!! It's the only art in the gym at this time. Clean lines, sharp colors all around the gym help show off this giant logo.
The long corridor to the left of this logo (and outside the gym walls) got some artwork too. Six sports figure silhouettes with green accents adorn the walls now, with another school logo (this one just under 8 feet in diameter) in the center.
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