To complete this media center mural, I had to gather all of the original artist's drawings to see what her intent was. I also had to figure out a way to transition the mural to the bookcases, and make the completion of the mural affordable. (it's not easy coming in on someone else's project and ideas) I chose to use the "bump bumps" as I call them, from the dragon rug, as the transitional element. I also used the colors bordering the rug on the wall and on top of the bookcases to tie the elements together and brighten up the mural.
Pictures of the media center mural that sat unfinished for five years until we were able to complete it. We had to make sense of what was already painted onto the wall, decide what to keep and what to change. One of the first things I did was to simplify the elements, by removing small fairies intended for the left side's foreground. Then I reversed the direction of the dragon, for better balance of the composition. Then adding the transitional items (listed above) to the overall design pulled it all together.
A view of the entire 40'w enchanted forest mural. 
Closeup of the dragon, knight and castle. I wanted the dragon to be purple to coordinate with the one in the rug and face the knight. The bridge and water are two of the many mural elements we had to make sense out of in the completion of this media center mural. 
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