I never thought i'd ever paint a second Car Barn in my career, but it happened. As it turns out, the project manager for Car Barn 2, as I'm calling it, knows the owner of the first Car Barn and recomended me for the job. 

this is the first mural of four car related mural inside a private Car Barn in Ringgold GA. We patterned it after a couple of different vintage Texaco stations in this area, and made the building life sized. 

The building is still waiting on "curbs" for the front of the building which will complete the installation. But the pumps, three green strips, red stars, and clock sure make a difference!! Not to mention teh other things around the building that help it look authentic. When someone walks into the building structure at the other end of the 150' long building, they think the station is real!
I took extra time on the brick detail on this mural building. Since it is white brick, I felt like that detailing was important. By using a flat paint for the "brick work" and then an eggshell paint for the mortar, it has the appearance of sun shining on it.
We chose to simply black out all of the windows, so as not to take away from the other structural details, and other accessories like the gas pumps, etc.
At some point, "curbs" will be built in front of the green areas shown here and in front of the office, the same height as the baseboards, and painted the same green.
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