2011-2012 Catalog
Southeast Lineman Training Center
Trenton, GA
After the research was complete, the first application of the new branding for SLTC was the catalog. In the process of designing the catalog, I wrote a tagline for SLTC, which is now trademarked, "Put it all on the line."  I also rewrote much of the content to fit the new brand personality, and shot or directed much of the photography, including the cover shot.

2011-2012 Catalog - various spreads
Southeast Lineman Training Center
Trenton, GA

One of the attributes of the personality of this brand is that it is intense and in your face. Not everyone can do what these guys do and not all the students make it through the rigorous 16-week training. The brand's message of challenge and promise is shown in the block of copy on the right of this first catalog spread, setting the tone for the would-be students, and letting potential employers have a glimpse of what the school's graduates will learn in their 15 weeks.
This is one of several spreads where I used the tools of the trade as a graphic element. Actual straps from lineman boots or other pieces of their gear were also used throughout the catalog. Textures like the torn paper and gritty/grungy look to the photos is all part of the brand's personality.
The kind of challenges facing the students who are training to be linemen requires proper motivation and inspiration, so SLTC uses quotes to get the job done throughout their catalog and their classrooms.
Most other training facilities show the tools that will be required for the training session by photographing a person wearing the toolbelt that contains all tools necessary for that training. I wanted to do something different, so we photographed the tools like this and used them as the centerfold, so to speak, in the catalog. Most of the tools could be featured much larger this way. The few tools required for the training that were not in the center spread, were mostly featured in the catalog as one of the graphic elements on the other pages, referenced in the circles at the bottom of this spread.
One of the other aspects of rebranding SLTC was taking momentum already created by the students and making it work for them. The KDA symbol above came out of that. The students had created their own mantra, which they would chant at times, "KDA, KDA, KDA!" which is the acronym for the school slogan, "Knowledge, Discipline and Ability", so I gave them a tattoo-like mark to represent it, in several versions. Another version of the mark is used in the field training. Each of the 8 pole circles has a unique identity, complete with logo and flag. KDA became incorporated into one of those pole circles - pic of the flag shown below. The "end of the day..." slogan on this page is also original, and is used on the backs of what is now a standard SLTC issued shirt for all students.
We found that the students really like to identify with their particular instructor and pole circle. Shown above is the alternate KDA logo, used on the pole circle flags, which are hung at the top of the center pole in the circle. Each pole circle identify is also used for hard hat decals. Some students have been known to get the KDA logo or the SLTC logo tattooed onto their body because they are so proud of being identified with both.
Brochure - SLTC Housing
I took what used to be 10 different hand-drawn sketches or MSWord drawn maps and made them into something that is distinguishably SLTC.
SLTC trade show graphics. This 10' popup wraparound display gets the attention at a show. We also use a couple of popup banners to demonstrate the bragging rights of the training facility.
Southeast Lineman Training Center - Branded Wall Mural - Environmental Graphics
Part of the school's rebranding was vamping up the interior spaces with branded images. One of the ways we have begun to address this is to add 2 murals in the school. This one has become a favorite photo spot for students and visitors. Silhouetted linemen are also used on the pocket folder that is initially mailed out to students and on the graduation programs.
Southeast Lineman Training Center - Branded Wall Mural - Environmental Graphics
The 2nd of two murals painted down one corridor between the classrooms inside and the pole circles outside. This same graphic appears on the SLTC pocket folder and inside the graduation program.
Southeast Lineman Training Center - Graduation Programs
The silhouetted images are used in several parts of the SLTC branding, taken from photos shot during SLTC field training.
Southeast Lineman Training Center - Web Site Design
Designed to be viewed optimally on a tablet, almost everything on the entire site fits within that format. Taking all the many aspects of a training facility and arranging them in such a way that navigation through all of those aspects makes sense on a website can be quite a challenge. My idea centered around organizing most everything into three main categories: The School, The Program, and The Career.
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